Friday, August 9, 2013

The convenience of scuba diving tables

Diving tables. Maybe not the ones you think.

When diving freshwater, often we are not using a boat, but instead diving off a lake shore, river bank, or inland cave.  Over time I've developed a "base camp" setup that I use for these situations.  Depending on the duration of my stay and the nature of a given site the gear I bring along may vary, but there is one piece I do not leave home without.

diving tables

A folding worktable.  The same thing you might use as a sawhorse.  In particular, I like husky x-workhorse tables (they are cheap, fold flat, and are rated to 750 lbs), but anything with the right surface area and load capacity would suffice.

The benefits are numerous, but first and foremost this serves as a stand to hold your cylinders.  When gearing up, you can rest the base of your cylinder on the table for support.  After a long dive, you can rest your tank on the table while doffing, where it will stay, at waist height, ready for your next dive.

Also, your expensive life support equipment is high and dry, not rolling in the dirt.  A table also provides points to hang masks or other gear during surface intervals to drip-dry and easily keep track of.

diving table in use

This is especially important if you are diving doubles, as squatting them to and from the ground in-between dives can be difficult.  Here's a shot of mine in action.

This is the type of thing that, when you see someone else at it, you wonder why the hell you never had the idea in the first place.  Swing by your local hardware store, an pick up one for you and your buddy.


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