Friday, August 9, 2013

Wetsuits for tall skinny men


Finding wetsuits for tall skinny men

This can be surprisingly difficult. I am 6', 140 lbs and reasonably fit. Shopping for clothes is always a nightmare, but buying a wetsuit is its own specific hell. After trying on literally 10 different brands ideas of what "small" or "small tall" was I managed to find not only an wetsuit that fit, but a brand that fit me consistently. O'neill wetsuits, and the medium O'Neill Sector specifically, fit me nearly as well as a custom made suit, at 1/2 the price if you shop around. 

    An important thing to note is that O'neill makes 2 tiers of wetsuit, one is made for surfers, and as such is not as durable, nor does it handle compression at depth well.
O'neill Sector wetsuit

 The Sector line are their premium scuba suits. High quality neoprene, welded seams so you can't pull a stitch, kevlar-like kneepads, and o-ring seals for a semi-dry effect.

The seam treatment is, after the fit, my favorite aspect of this suit.  Most wetsuits, even high end ones, glue and stitch their seams.  O'neill layers a "weld" on top of this.  Basically a thick layer of Aquaseal type polymer to permanently seal them, preventing snags or abrasion.

O'neill Sector wetsuit stitching
Left: Normal seam, Right: O'neill seam

Here you can see the difference.  The O'neill suit's seams have been sealed shut, preventing them form fraying.

These retail for $300.00+, but often Amazon has them at a substantial discount.  It's hard to put a price on comfort while diving, but at this rate you won't need to.


  1. I'm looking for a wet suit for 6'10", 220 lbs, fit man. Any recommendations?

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